Friday, March 14, 2008

more pics

free time.everyone gathering in the lecture for karaoke=] roommate.

aunty choy quin!!(:

i miss them loads.(:

there are still a lot of pics actually.but i'm lazy to add it in.=]


back from camp=]

hey peeps!
sorry ya.i've not been updating my blog for the past few days.
the camp was held for four days.its from 11-14th march.
and as an ipoh girl..i can actually go back and sleep in my own bed rather than staying in at ymca.oh well, i just wanted to bond with the ppl in camp so i stayed in.
well..i was late on the first day of registration.went there at 5.30 went the registration was supposed to start at 2.30.dun ask why.but i have good reasons!!=)
actually i went for chemio tuition la before that. see la.KERAJINAN ME!.
i went there then aunty elaine came down to take me to my room.along the way,she told me about the camp rules and stuff, and when i saw the room arrangement..i went 'who are these girls that i'm sharing my room with?at one moment i feel so lonely cos i'm the only girl from my church that attended this camp.den after,i went to my room.really got a shock from my new roommates.they hid behind the door and screamed.haha.aunty elaine also got a shock.
anyway,continue my story.i'm sorry ppl.this is gonna be a very long blog.
the speaker that spoke to us is Uncle Steven Low.He is one FARNY man i tell u.haha.
but he sounds a bit like puan looi though.(for those of you studying in MGS,ipoh i think u will know hu).he will talk at a moderate tone and all of a sudden he'll just shout!!i really got a scare out of him.but nvm.really nice to have him as our camp speaker.
oh.forgot to tell u hu my roommates are.they were jennifer,enwei,cherrie and me!!=]
we had a lot of fun sharing rooms together.and also..our room was even messier than the guys room!!everything is not in place.clothes and things everywhere.ahah.can you ever imagine it?lol.
i got to know two hyper-active ppl there too.haha.thats channin and are super active.running along the corridor..sneaking food to their room.haha.din really slept well for the past three nights.slept very late.chatting all night long with the other others.except for the last night that i slept the earliest whilst there were 12 girls in my room talking through the whole night until 4 in morning.i was supposed to be the center of attraction[dun ask why] but then i was the one who fell asleep the earliest.too tired ad la.i'm very hyper
this morning.argh.last day i wish the camp was longer.ishness.everybody was taking so many pics..going round asking for email add.den it was time for lunch.heh.u should have seen the plate of rice enwei ate.channin challenged her to eat.haha.both of them ate 3 huge plates of rice and they can even go for some more but then enwei had to go back already.
urgh.i hate goodbyes.believe it or not..i was the only one who cried.=[
after wishing them all good bye.i followed fung hao with the taiping youths and the penang ppl and other cgmc members together with aunty choy quin for a drink at old town. abigail wanted to buy ssalted chicken so we took her there and then off they go!!back home.haha.=D
i'll update bout the prayer conference and how it went are some pics..

me and my roommates

game time!=]


i'm off.ciaos=]

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i'm back at last.tiring. last i'm back from church.went for marathon madness last night.jonathan,dezmond,lai may and niki came!!=]

i bet u'll will be wondering what's marathon madness.heh.its actually an activity organised by my church.we have to stay up all night until this morning.

it all started at 9pm where we had ice breaker.then later..we watched a movie called 'fight the giant'. it a very nice show leh.i recommend you guys to go watch it.heh.

after that movie..we had treasure hunt.imagine it.treasure hunt during midnight.its so scary!=S

the games are quite interesting.

after treasure hunt.i was soaking wet already.if u were there and u saw me, u will think i just finished bathing after the games.haha.actually it's my sweat.running down like tap water nie.heh.i cannot stand it already i had to wash my hair.i din bath but i just wash my hair.squatting down underneath the tap and wash my hair.can u imagine it?hope niki do not have a pic of that cos she was also in the same bathroom that time[ok.pls.dun think negative things]haha.

then we headed to Mcd for makan.yum yum!!

heh.those ppl really crazy.mixing evrything into the mcflurry and daring ppl to drink it for 50 bucks.haha.if it was me.i wud not have taken the disgusting la.

we were there until 4.den we came back to MYC. had to change to our shoes and off we went for mountain climbing.haha.we went kledang hill at 4.30!!tha's so early rite?

nvm bout that.its my first time climbing ur that i dun really have the energy cos of not sleeping the whole i was way far behind with my god bro and few others.dun really have the breath and energy to climb.luckily i had my god bro beside me to clutch on too.haha

den we came down around 6 like that.

went back to church and believe it or not those guys can still play basketball!!crazy right!

even dez and jon were playing there.crazy.haha.

niki went back early.=[

she had bad luck.first dropping her specs then later she fell down.haha.=D

nvm.pity her should have seen the ppl.most of them are so me.i was sleeping like a pig already at the chairs!


den around 8 something i woke up.was looking for my god bro,kin i called him.he said he was having breakfast just opposite the church.then i said okay..and he walked back over just to bring me over!=] sweet of him.heh.

anyway.i'll stop here. think there are some pics niki took.i'll just upload what i have.(:


this is tired!

this is all the pics i have.most of them are in niki's phone and in my cam.but i lazy wanna get my later first.haha.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i'm so so glad i did not FAIL my add maths. i said.i'm just glad i did not FAIL my add maths.thank god!
but then i'm still not happy with it.all stupid careless mistakes i made.the tough ones i know how to do.but not the easy wan.what is this la??grrr.
anyway.this blog is for the day before.
i was at the stadium for the whole day.tired like mad.come back whole body aching.
i guess you're wondering what i was doing there..heh.
i actually got duty there for ping pong club.
omg.the ping pong players!they are just so good with their skills.
especially this perak gold medalist.u should have seen him play!
from the schedule..we were supposed to end at 6.but it ended so early!it all ended at me and jamie and two malay girls went to see my skul team play hockey.
i dun really und the i dun care.heh.nvm.
lazy to blog already.
ciaos!i'm out.

Monday, March 3, 2008

. . .

hey peeps.
since my friendster account has been deleted, i thought of starting to blog.
it's not like i never blog before..but i seldom update my's why i end up making lots of new blog accounts but never used it properly. but now i'm making it an attempt to at least update my blog three times a week.[hope i can do it.heh.]
anyway.back to business.
exams are finally over!!WOOHOO!but add maths paper really suck.five questions and each questions is like 20 over marks.ish la.guarantee FAIL la me.argh!=
moral paper was quite tough too.i wonder how many subjects am i going to fail this time.going to get a lot of red marks ad.shit!.
went marching in the afternoon today.have to command.argh.gonna lose my voice soon la.
mindy asked me to join in the contingent cos there wasn't enough ppl.
after such a long time i did not march,felt so lazy to march
when i was marching it felt like my hand is going to be detached from my body la.haha.maybe its because i haven been marching for a long time.heh.
anyway.i'll stop writing now.updating some pics.heh.took pics with laimay last sat before youth=]


[again-too free ad]lol

i'm off.bye=]